Dr. Jigro Kano founded Judo in 1882, which he had developed from Jujitsu.


The reason why Dr. Jigro Kano developed this new Martial Art was because students were getting injured quite often while they were practicing the many techniques that are used in Jujitsu. He desired to form a more gentle form of martial art (Ju). In order to do this he removed all the dangerous Jujitsu techniques when it was practiced and retained all of the less harmful techniques.


The techniques (also known as Waza) Dr. Kano retained for his new form of martial arts was as follows:


1.           throwing (Nage),

2.           grappling (Katame)

3.           and Atemi (Striking).


He then called this new form of martial arts Judo. The Ju means ‘gentleness’ or ‘giving way’, and Do means ‘way of life’.


Judo was also developed as a form of teaching physical education, as a means of developing the body and mind.


Using Judo he sought to create a stimulation of mind and body to work together to create perfect harmony with one another. In order to accomplish this he utilized Randori (free practice) and the Kata (form practice) as the primary teaching methods to be used, he then later used Shiai (tournament or the contest judo) as another teaching/learning tool.

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