Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is various fighting techniques from a variety of disciplines and different skills, one can choose from non-traditional or traditional marital arts.

If you wish to undergo Martial arts fitness training you can look on the internet for MMA online or in MMA magazines for sources of training centers, however, word of mouth is often one of the best ways to find the right centre where you could take martial arts classes. A search for the best MMA could be one of the wisest decisions you ever make.

Mixed martial arts can be traced as far back as the 1900’s; during this time a variety of style contests took place, in various countries, such as Europe, Japan and the Pacific Rim.  During 1992 the Ultimate Fighting Championship emerged, introducing more modern MMA competitions. These competitions are held to determine the best MMA that should be used in real unarmed combat competitive situations and in real life situations. At the time the competitions were held, very little regard for the safety of combatants was considered; as a result many injuries were sustained in these competitions.  Then the rules were later changed in order to promote and ensure the safety of the participants and also to encourage greater acceptance for public support of the sport. These changes certainly were effective as the sport today is very popular.

During 1995, the phrase mixed martial arts was coined by Rick Blume, president and CEO of Battlecade, the changes also had a hand in increasing the popularity of the sport.

Then during the 1960 into the 1970’s Bruce Lee made multiple martial arts popular in the west, with the use of his philosophy of Jeet Kune Do.  He believed that the best fighter that typified the best in the arts, is one that can adapt his fighting style, and look at finding his own style, and not just copying the standard karate, boxing or judo, but can utilize a mixture of those and other fighting styles to create his own unique style.

UFC’s octagonal cage fighting area, also known as ‘cage fighting’ is often associated with mixed martial arts. Many major promotions originate from the first UFC events, these events have now evolved into cage fighting in England and Canada. This sport has developed so much that even children whom want to start mixed martial arts are being satisfied with the proper facilities.

The octagonal cage, introduced into the USA, has variations, notably instead of the usual metal fence, netting can be used in its place. Octagonal is only one shape that is used, in Europe, Japan, Brazil and the Netherlands the standard boxing ring is adopted, but they use tighter ropes and sometimes barriers under the lowest rope, this prevents the participants from falling through the bottom rope and out of the ring.  You will often find Vale Tudo, Japanese pro-wrestling, kickboxing, and other MMA related sports in these rings.

Cage Fighters, usually win by knocking out or putting their opponent in to a ‘submission hold’. To concede defeat the opponent will either use the camel clutch tap out, or ‘give up’ or just ‘tap’ the mat. The fight itself has various stages, kicking, stand up grappling, the clinch, punching up to take down, and finally ground grappling.

The ultimate fighting woman can train and participate effectively even though this is considered a man’s environment. Women in a supportive environment can become excellent fighting women in their own right.  Look for MMA online, the local gym for MMA classes or training that caters exclusively for women.   As long as you feel comfortable with the gym you choose, utilizing martial arts fitness training will place you above the crowd. While training don’t settle for just one style or discipline, make one style a specialty and utilize the others to give you the competitive edge to be able to combat different styles. The woman who can use different styles will also be able to participate in more events and be able to effectively give their opponent a ‘run for their money’.

Martial arts fitness training varies from discipline to discipline.  With a choice of martial arts classes, martial arts training and martial arts lessons contribute to classes that would suit your individual taste. When making that choice, an understanding of the physiological demands and movement patterns between the various disciplines will make your choice easier. The various disciplines have their own unique movements, such as Taekwon-do, you will notice involves, kicking, punching, blocking, jumping, twisting and leaping; these movement are performed at a very high intensity. Compared to Judo where the movements are mainly grappling, with shorter duration and intermitted 7 minute exercises of a higher intensity.

Insurance is another aspect of the sport that needs to be considered. MMA insurance places full combat sports such as MMA under a special category, this is due to the higher risk of injury in the sport.  A MMA insurance plan will only cover the costs of injuries sustained during MMA art training and in competition fighting.   MMA insurance will not cover general health problems or drug related situations. For the best MMA insurance, look online and investigate the various insurance options.

Circuit training is conditioning exercises, strung together in a series of exercises one after another with very little rest or no rest between exercise sets.  Circuit training is very high density exercising which means that one can drop weight when exercising by burning a tremendous amount of calories.  Look at MMA online to find the best mma circuit training centre situated near you. Check the different programs offered; see if you can find one that suits your martial arts fitness training, check the exercises will be close to the duration of your normal MMA arts classes. The following establishments  Golden marital art school,  Arvada Martial art school, Colorado martial art school, the Denver martial art school, Lakewood martial art school, will offer circuit training and find some Colorado martial arts lessons as well.

Many Martial arts enthusiasts love wearing MMA shirts and other MMA apparel.  There are some very interesting designs and brands to choose from, some stores carry a choice of over 30 different brands of MMA shirts which should suit most people’s tastes.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced MMA participant, there is no doubt that you will find a discipline that will suit your style and taste and afford you many hours of enjoyment. 
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Muay Thai is one of many martial art fighting styles, in this picture a Muay Thai student displays his amazing kicking range (Skills).

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