Capoeira is known as an art form that will involve element of philosophy if a practical nature, movement, and music to experience the essence of Capoeira.


On can experience the essence of Capoeira when one plays a physical game that is called jago de capoeira (transl, game of Capoeira), but better known as jago.  Capaoeristas (that is players of Capoeira) will engage in a ritualized combat that involves and exchange of movements, such as attack and defense this is in a constant flow at the same time observing certain rituals and proper manners related to the art.


With feints and deceptive movements the players attempt to gain control by confusing their opponent.  During jogo, the Capaoieirsts will explore each others strengths and their weaknesses, fatigue, fears in constant process of growth, self reflection and personal expression.


The character and speed of the jago are determined by many different rhythms of berimbau, that is a one-string bow, musically that is considered to be the primary symbol of the art form.  The pandeiro (a type of tambourine), the atabaque (a single headed drum that stands), the agog™ (a double bell) and the reco-reco (a groved bamboo scraped with a stick) accompany the bermbau, this is a unique set of instruments.


Solos that are inspiring and collective singing, are melded together in a call and response dialogue, together with a hypnotic percussion completes this musical ambiance known as a copoeira session.  It is known as roda de copoeira, which literally means ‘copoeira wheel; or just simply known as roda.   The term roda makes reference to the ring of participants which defines the physical space in which the two copoeristas will engage in the ritual combat.

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